A Scotsman kayaking around New Orleans.

A kayak guide-blog to Swamps & Bayou near New Orleans

Good sir, how does this website help me?

I'm glad you asked, step in to my office.
You want to explore the swamps. But the information out there for local information is somewhat lacking in detail. It's also 'out there', which is a problem, because I personally don't even know what I mean by 'out there'.

In the blog section and links of this website you will find kayak excursions I've done in and around New Orleans. For each excursion I include flora and fauna I saw, photos, key points of interest, boat-drop location and distance from downtown. My goal is to give others information and inspiration so they may explore the swamps and bayou.

Blogged Trips
Osprey leaving nest on Cane Bayou.

Cane Bayou - A Guide

Probably my favourite (not a spelling mistake in Scotland) kayaking spot near New Orleans, and here's why: it's gorgeous; it's protected; and after 2 minutes kayaking you can't hear the road anymore...

An alligator warning sign.

Is it dangerous to kayak in Louisiana Swamps?

The short answer is - it can be. But it's a lot safer than kayaking in Scotland.The common conception of people new to paddling New Orleans is that everything is out to get you...

A barred owl in Manchac Swamp.

Manchac Swamp - A Guide

Manchac Swamp, part of the Manchac Wetlands is a system of bayou and forest around Lake Maurepas. It is uber green. I really do mean that - it is massively, impressively green...

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

- Vincent van Gogh


If you have a favourite kayaking place near to New Orleans, I would love to hear about it! Send any information - location, what makes it great and pictures to:

Email: egretkayak@gmail.com


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