48 mins drive from downtown
Boat-Drop Map (GPS 30°20'16"N 90°0'14"W)

Probably my favourite (not a spelling mistake in Scotland) kayaking spot near New Orleans, and here's why: it's gorgeous; it's protected; and after 2 minutes kayaking you can't hear the road anymore. Add to that, it's teeming with wildlife, has a resident Osprey family, is easy to get to and has an easy boat-drop point. I've been here a number of times - and every time I am impressed.

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Is it dangerous to kayak in Louisiana Swamps?

Safety Tips

The short answer is - it can be. But it's a lot safer than kayaking in Scotland.

The common conception of people new to paddling New Orleans is that everything is out to get you. An alligator is going to roll you while a snake strangles you and a turtle nibbles on your toes. Thankfully, that is not the case.

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36 mins drive from downtown
Boat-Drop Map (GPS 30°09'44.1"N 90°26'40.7"W)
Manchac Swamp.

Manchac Swamp, part of the Manchac Wetlands is a system of bayou and forest around Lake Maurepas. It is uber green. I really do mean that - it is massively, impressively green. After a few hours kayaking around Manchac Swamp you are in a green daze. Also don't confuse Manchac Swamp with Manchac Bayou (who would do such a thing, right? - definitely not me) as you would end up somewhere else entirely.

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44 mins drive from downtown
Boat-Drop Map (GPS 30°14'07.1"N 89°38'23.5"W)
A photographer on Fawn Bayou by Old Pearl River.

Old Pearl River to Fawn Bayou is a tranquil route, winding through 'Pearl River Wildlife Management Area'. It begins on the wide and reedy Old Pearl River, passing under a bridge. After a few turns (click the 'Old Pearl River Data' for route map) it brings you to Fawn Bayou - a smaller tribune with a green, diverse ecology.

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